Will Ryan

Faroe Islands




Snot smeared gloves. Windburned cheeks. Numb, wet toes. And it was an absolute blast.

The Faroe Islands were by far the most remote and untouched location we’ve ever been to, which made exploring them that much more exhilarating. This time of year there were practically zero tourists in the places we visited. When you can hike for 3+ hours without seeing a single soul, you feel like you’re the first person to step foot there.

No signs. No gift shops. No selfie sticks. No trail markers. Actually, kind of no trail at all since it was buried in knee-deep snow.

And the complete unpredictability of the weather only added to the mystique. Rain. Sun. Snow. Fog. All within 20 or 30 minutes. The rapidly-shifting conditions coupled with a constantly low sun (sunrise: 9am, sunset: 430pm) made for the most incredible — but fleeting — light I’ve ever seen. Everything had a magical glow that felt straight out of a fairy tale. Shoutout to the massive rainbow that came and went in less than a minute (1:18 in this video). Oh, and by FAR the best tasting tap water I’ve had in my life.

Plenty of shots from this trip are also up on my photos page.